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Welcome to Lost Americana; The Abandoning of Rural America


Welcome to Lost Americana; The Abandoning of Rural America

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota
(photo) Slate #84 – Main Street and 2nd in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota.


Lost Americana: The Abandoning of Rural America

A documentary by Vincent David Johnson

Rural America has a long and rich history shaping the course of the United States of America, but many factors over the last half century have left rural areas empty and fading.

From Main Streets to farmsteads and from schools to silos, the buildings and culture that once helped shape this great nation are fading before our eyes.

Lost Americana started out as an attempt capture through photos the beauty of the ruins that were once a vibrant part of this country. Now it is also trying to tell the stories of the people and the towns left behind as rural America shrinks due to reasons both good & bad.

If you want to find out what happens when 30 million people leave over teh course of a generation, go to and follow this Tumblr as I try to create documentary that is part art, history and travel all in one.

Please share your found ruins with the hashtag #LostAmericana

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