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Wyoming, The Cowboy State

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The “BOOM” in Rural Population Growth

The kids could smell it as the town’s school filled with gases 20 to 200 times the recommended levels. Midwest, Natrona County, Wyoming, 2016. While most of rural America is
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No Vacancy – Why I Love Mom-and-Pop Motels

A few months ago I posted up an article about how “No Vacancy” signs are disappearing from American roadsides and apart from nostalgia one could easily admit these signs aren’t
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Lost Americana is about telling the stories of the people who live in rural America.

•Have you lived in the same rural area since the 1970/80s?

•Were you the last class to graduate from a rural school before it closed its doors forever?

•Do you know of a small town (under 2,000 people) that is a shell of it’s former self?

•Do you just what to give me some feedback on the topics we cover?

Don’t be shy, go to the “Connect” page and drop me a line.  Also don’t be afraid to reach out to me via social media, links are at the bottom of each page.