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The Road to Lost Americana

A road trip I never took, but have already been on.

This week I’m going to set off like I normally do every few months, on a road trip documenting rural America... I know what I’m going to find and it hasn’t changed for almost three decades now.
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Baseball’s Fading Gems: Rickwood Field, Birmingham, Alabama

Lost Americana is going a bit off the topic from looking at fading small rural towns, for a brief few posts to explore the few remaining old ballparks in America. America’s oldest baseball stadium Rickwood Field is a must visit for any baseball purist and fan of Americana. The Cubs’
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The Return of the Drive-in Movie Theater

As social distancing becomes the norm, are drive-ins are making a return. Sadly it may may not last.
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Rural Schools: A Battle Between The Unvictorious

Like many small rural high schools enrollments were continuing to shrink and the consolidation of schools is an almost annual occurrence in many state.
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A Lost Americana book, personalized just for you.

The email list is growing and that means a one of a kind book giveaway. About two years ago when I started a real email list to stay directly in contact with those of you interested in the art and stories of Lost Americana, I promised two things for those
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“That Road” Contest

Win a 16×20 inch signed photo if you guess all the 10 states in these photos. After 25 years of trans-versing rural America, I’m catching up with Johnny Cash on the “I’ve been everywhere” front. With just 4 out of the 50 states left to visit the road still calls
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The Old Overholt Distillery; One of the Coolest Places I’ve Photographed

There are a handful of abandoned places worth a drive halfway across the country. The Old Overholt Distillery was one of the. The Old Overholt Distillery is breath taking to behold and maybe even more so when you come upon it unknowingly like I did during a trip in 2013.
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Behind The Photo: Main Street, Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Sometimes I’m Just Lucky Every now and again you just luck out. There’s a part of me that wishes Buffalo Gap, South Dakota had slot machines at the local bar when I was there, because I’m sure I’d have hit the jackpot. After leaving the Badlands Nation Park and driving
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The “BOOM” in Rural Population Growth

The kids could smell it as the town’s school filled with gases 20 to 200 times the recommended levels. Midwest, Natrona County, Wyoming, 2016. While most of rural America is facing a population decline of epic proportions, some of the northern mountain and plains states are seeing a big population
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