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The Road to Lost Americana

25 Years Ago I Ventured Out Of Illinois On A Lost Americana Trail

“Go West Young man, and grow up, with the country.”
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Movie Theaters From Small Town America

Whether it's courthouses, post offices, or general stores, most rural small towns have one or more of each. Same can be said about movie theaters. Here's a collection of some theaters I've found while traveling over the last 25 years.
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Rural Court Houses

The upside of slow growth is many grand old courthouses survived in rural towns​.
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Gove County, Kansas

In the middle of Western Kansas farmland in Gove County sits Monument Rocks, a chalk formation that peaks out of ground creating a strange landscape in this otherwise flat area, Jan. 26, 2008. Photo Vincent David Johnson. This Western Kansas
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Synder, Dodge County, Nebraska

Platted in 1886 and incorporated 4 years later, Synder has pretty much had a population in the 300s ever since it was founded.
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Sims, North Dakota

Very little remains of Sim, Morton County, North Dakota. A crumbling brick home being one of the few structures left.
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My Instagram Bottom 9; Because 2020 Sucked

Yeah, 2020 was awful. So why not embrace that before 2021 says "hold my beer!" So sticking with a theme, here's a look at my posts that sucked the most during 2020. The Lost Americana bottom 9.
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Rural Matters: A Small Town Texas Mayor Faces A Major Turn-around Project

In a 2018 interview with Stamford, Texas mayor James Decker, he talks about the challenges ahead for an area that has been slowly dying. Not surprisingly he sees better days ahead. That's probably what got him elected.
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150 Year Old Brewery For Sale Illinois

For sale, old brewery on 2 acres with over 150 years of history in a small town just over an hour from Chicago. What are you waiting for?
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A road trip I never took, but have already been on.

This week I’m going to set off like I normally do every few months, on a road trip documenting rural America... I know what I’m going to find and it hasn’t changed for almost three decades now.
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Baseball’s Fading Gems: Rickwood Field, Birmingham, Alabama

Lost Americana is going a bit off the topic from looking at fading small rural towns, for a brief few posts to explore the few remaining old ballparks in America. The center field scoreboard at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama
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The Return of the Drive-in Movie Theater

As social distancing becomes the norm, are drive-ins are making a return. Sadly it may may not last.
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