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“That Road” Contest


“That Road” Contest

Win a 16×20 inch signed photo if you guess all the 10 states in these photos.

U.S. Route 12 in North Dakota. Photo by Vincent David Johnson.

After 25 years of trans-versing rural America, I’m catching up with Johnny Cash on the “I’ve been everywhere” front. With just 4 out of the 50 states left to visit the road still calls me, but it’s always been about more than just checking off another box.

[UPDATED 12/10/2019: We have a winner! Doug K. got 6 out of the 10. However, you can still guess for fun. Correct state names are now displayed at the end of this post.]

While it’s hard to travel without a cell phone and GPS these days, I remember doing it that way when I started and a good part of the time I still manage to travel with a paper map in hand, taking turns when I have a gut feeling, and driving in the direction of what I see with my own eyes. “That Road” as I like to call it, just shows up almost magically. Like a castle that relocates at every sunrise, it’s almost never in the same place twice. And even if you do go back the feeling you had the first time is never the same. It’s why I rarely visit most location more than once.

Now to celebrate 25 years of driving “That Road” I’m going to be doing a ton of things from giving away prints, making a one of kind book, and even working on some swag like a Lost Americana t-shirt & hat for those of you in the Lost Nation who have been asking for stuff like that.

Enter the contest

So just to make this first giveaway a little fun, I’m posting 10 photos of “That Road” here. Whoever guesses the most states correctly will get to pick from one of the close to 500 images in the Lost Americana gallery and I’ll send them an 16×20 signed photographic print. Because the images I make are really meant to be viewed large.

All you need to do is scroll through the 10 images below and then send an email with your answers for which state you think each image, 1 through 10 is in. There’s a link at the end of the contest. The contest runs till midnight November 30th (CST). One entry per person. In the event of a tie, a lone winner will be chosen at random between them. All entries will be added to the the Lost Americana email list where I will announce the winner & the answers as well as some other cool news.

Name the state That Road is in

#1 This is the first state I’ve ever photographed in. Hint: It’s not Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, or Oregon. Those are the 4 states I’ve never been too.
#2 The trees may have you thinking I’m down south. You’d be right. Hint: I’ve never photographed Lost Americana in Florida.
#3 I wasn’t really a Bad Lad when I was born in 73.
#4 That road runs through the mountains, but Arizona, Nevada, California, & Utah haven’t been in front of the Lost Americana lens.
#5 I have a lot of Nostalgia for this state.
#6 is a real Cowboy state.
#7 This might be a Hall of Fame dirt road for me.
#8 I feel like this photo could end up as a backdrop for a cheesy inspirational meme.
#9 If you get this one wrong, I’ll unsubscribe you from the email list myself.
#10 That road runs right through the center of the country.

The correct states are:
#1 Illinois
#2 Mississippi
#3 South Dakota
#4 Colorado
#5 Kansas
#6 Wyoming
#7 New York
#8 Wisconsin
#9 Texas
#10 Tennessee

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Want to buy a 16×20 print? Hurry, from now until December 25th, all prints from the Instagram 500 gallery are for sale at a discount. Some as much as $85 off.

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