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Send me on my way – Win a free signed photo


Send me on my way – Win a free signed photo

Lost Americana is going east this August – make a suggestion on where and win a free photographic print.

If you see a black Nissan XTerra with Illinois plate it could be the Lost Americana express rolling through the country side.

It has only been two years since I made a trip in New York state before driving down through Pennsylvania for a day and then back home to Illinois, sadly skipping over Ohio because of time restraints. And since most of the major road trips I’ve made have taken me west of the Land of Lincoln, I’m dedicating almost two weeks to the east.

Some of the time will be spent in Maine relaxing, but then moving roughly onto south central and western New York (sorry Vermont & New Hampshire just passing through), before going to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, southern Ohio and ending in Kentucky to see the solar eclipse on the 21st. If you have followed the Lost Americana project for awhile you may know there are two topics I like to focus on; First, the abandoning of rural farming towns and second, supporting independently owned local businesses while traveling.

How can you help?

With that being said look at the map below, if you know of a farming town, or county that’s hit hard times, especially those with a declining population, roughly in the areas around the blue line on the map, drop me a line through the connect page under “Get in touch” and make a suggestion for me to visit.

Also, if you know a great little restaurant, motel, roadside attraction, or experience unique to the areas I’m traveling, drop me a line. I’d love to find my next Chugwater Soda Fountain, or Manchester, Kansas. I’m for sure ready to send out one print for the best suggestion, but I’m open to more if I get a bunch of good stuff.

Don’t feel like doing email, drop us a message via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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