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Synder, Dodge County, Nebraska


Synder, Dodge County, Nebraska

The Place That Made Me Fall In Love With Photographing Rural Towns Too.

The Town Hall in Snyder, Dodge County, Nebraska, July 29, 2014. Synder was one of the first times I started photographing farm towns and not just farms. Photo by Vincent D. Johnson.

Before 2014 most of what I had been photographing consisted of farms along with the barns, houses and other outbuildings located on that land. With the exception of few grain elevators, or a random view down Main Street, I rarely took photos of the buildings in these small rural towns. Synder, Nebraska changed all that.

I don’t have a massive amount of photos from Synder. As a matter of fact only about 15 photos total came from this stop, but when I returned home after this trip in 2014, the photos I took of the old Town Hall and beautiful terra cotta post office won me over so much I started making in-town photos more of a regular thing on these trips. 

Snyder, Nebraska. Post Office

, July 29, 2014. Photo by Vincent David Johnson.

Platted in 1886 and incorporated 4 years later, Synder has been consistently a small rural town. The first census on record in 1900 recorded 229 people. With exception to a boom in the 1920s when the population grew to almost 500 by 1930, Synder has pretty much had a population in the 300s ever since it was founded. 

If you ever find yourself in Synder, make sure to stop into Adie’s Restaurant & Bar. The outside may look like some nondescript boring 1980s rehab, but the inside is a great walk back in time. Complete with a collection of rifles around the walls and a tiny set of bathrooms, so small the sink is a on a wall outside the doors. Which means everyone knows who washes their hands. And yes, the food is good.

The Town Hall in Snyder, Dodge County, Nebraska, July 29, 2014. Photo by Vincent D. Johnson.

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