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My Instagram Bottom 9; Because 2020 Sucked


My Instagram Bottom 9; Because 2020 Sucked

What better a way to celebrate the end of a sucky year than with the least liked posts I made in 2020.

Yeah, 2020 was awful. Why not embrace that before 2021 says “hold my beer!” Sticking with a theme, here’s a look at my posts that sucked the most during 2020. With out further ado I give you…

The Lost Americana bottom 9.


I love baseball. And I bet you could guess I like old ballparks too. Sadly, not many other people do, which is why this post on the oldest professional ballpark in America is at the bottom.


I’m not gonna lie. This isn’t on par with most of the photos I post. Not surprised.  Worth checking out for the weird movie quote.


My first real post of 2020, was not a hit. I’m going to assume on Jan. 2nd you were all still recovering from NYE.


N0. 6 is showing a theme. When I don’ write anything interesting about the photo, it seems to end up in the bottom of the pile. Also, if you haven’t watched True Facts on YouTube, start with this one.


Another bottom 9 from March. It’s like the world was pre-occupied with something else. What could it have been?


Once again, I’m seeing a theme here. Baseball and the month of March in 2020, were not the biggest like getters.


A week ago this was the least liked photo of 2020. It’s an image of my son. I couldn’t have it go down as the worst, so I asked my IG followers to give it some love. You did. Thank you.


No surprise here. Who like seeing ads. This was a post I did to test out posting from my email subscriber list promoting the 2020 calendar. (buy yours here, only a few left).

Before you see the least liked photo of 2020, I want to say how silly it is that I've been seeing "Top 9" photos from other Instagram pages since Thanksgiving. For me the year is never over till it's over, so you'll see my top 9 come January. This photo is one reason why. I posted it 2 days ago and it's just a few likes shy of being #5 for the year. It could end up being #3. Honestly, I would have guessed it at the bottom 9, but folks like their ghost signs and Coca-cola I guess.


I work with a lot of marketing people for my day job and the big buzz in social media has been “video.” Do more video! Show more video! Video is king! 

So of course the only video I did is at the bottom of the pile.

Hope you enjoyed this little snarky journey. Thanks for looking at the worst of my stuff. If you’re willing to do that you must really like the rest of what I’m doing. 

If you do really like, give it a follow on the other social channels. I try to post different stuff on each.

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