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Lost Americana Texas: Where Should I Go?

Lost Americana: Going Back To Texas

For the first time ever I’ll be exploring rural Texas specifically for documenting Lost Americana. If you know any farming areas that have been hard hit by population decline point me in the right direction, by commenting below, or on the Facebook page.


Abandoned Texas
Somewhere in Texas

While I’ve been to Texas several times, having family who live there and briefly living there myself, I have never done more than just pull off the highway for a photo, or two on my way to, or from Illinois.  This time I’ll be focused almost exclusively on the state, with a stop in Oklahoma & Kansas on the way home.


If you, or someone you know who has lived in, or around a town that has been hard hit by population decline and would be interested in being interviewed, please contact me ASAP 773-924-1493 or via email